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Tea. How... surprising.

Okay, so... apparently, it turns out I already had a layout made, and the coding done and everything, and I just... forgot about it. I guess I'm a little more flighty than I thought, hahaha. I can't imagine how I'd forget it; I must have made it months ago. New icon for the community, too. Been using a lot of hot pink lately. Oh, and I redid the userinfo, oh... weeks ago. But just in case you didn't notice, it's new. Ish.

In any case, new layout! school__night.

I did make a new banner, though, out of the gayness (kh2), which you can see here, if you want. I'm a spaz about coding, though, so I couldn't get it to look good. XD;

& edit @ 16:13 ;
Oh yeah, and check hotellullaby out, because, well, she's awesome. Have you heard of McFly? No, me neither, but you should check her icons out anyway.
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