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Okay, question

I got a new laptop for college, & it's a mac, which psp doesn't like. I've been using the psp on my home computers since I got it, but eventually I'm going to have to resign myself to the photoshop on my laptop.

And~ I've got two issues.
[a] I can't save as a png file
[b] Whenever I try to save as a jpg file, it's either larger than 40K & therefore unusable, or it's disgusting and grainy. Hate jpgs.

So, anyone who has Photoshop? Is it just because I have a trial version that I can't use pngs? Because for some reason I can't get to the "save for web" option, it's greyed out.

And anyone who saves in jpg files, what settings do you use/how do you make it so that the image isn't disgusting or too big?

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