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wasting time on a school night


you are a party; i am a school night
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WHAT? It's the icon journal of enchantee

WHO?m Lys is an insufferable perfectionist, aged seventeen, who does all sorts of annoying things like pick fuzzes off of strangers' backs when she's sitting behind them. She's been working on this userinfo for a good many of hours, now, and thinks that it'd be more effective just to bang her head on the keyboard than keep trying.

WHY? These are just for fun. I just sort of sit down with my borrowed (not stolen) version of Paint Shop Pro, find a fandom, and go. It's all about experimenting & aestheticism, which is a polite way of saying sometimes they suck, sometimes they don't. I'm really not that serious about them, but I do like making them, so I wanted a place to put them. So school night was born.

HOW? Check the resources: there are a lot of people whose brushes I've downloaded, used once, and never looked at again, but hey, you might like to use them. There are a lot of screencap/scan sites, too: my fandoms are really scattered and random to the point where it looks like I'm schizophrenic, sometimes: you can check them out in the interests.
       Crediting is a very nice system of helping spread icons throughout the community that is the internet. That said, I really don't require crediting. It is, however, very nice and highly appreciated! I don't think it's worth it to get bent out of shape to see an icon of mine without my name close behind. They're just something I do for fun. I don't even own anything I put on them, so why should I try to own the little square?
      If you do give credit, you can either do it to trytowish or to school__night.
      Commenting is very nice, though! Please comment, even if you don't take any or want to credit them. That way I know what people like! And I do read all of them, even if I don't get back; they make me very happy.

But how do I credit?

If there's a textless icon and/or base that you'd like to use, please ask me first. I won't say no, I'd just like to see what you're doing with them.

Please don't hotlink! It's a very large pain.

RESOURCES :. The due and deserved credit to all the people who made the fonts/brushes/gradients/etc. that I use in my icons. I am no thief!


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