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24: Ouran High School Host Club

You know what I love?

Even numbers.

You know what I love even more than that?

Numbers divisible by four.

TOTAL [ twenty-four ]
    Ouran High School Host Club [ twenty-four ]
        . Mostly Kyouya because I think he's hilarious for various reasons, very few of them good.

& teasers ;


Credit is nice; comments are nicer! ♥
Tags: anime, host club, ouran, ouran high school host club
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I love the coloring. And I love how you can put text and not make it look horrible. (I'm bad with text. It always looks crappy.)

I don't know this fandom... But I love numbers divisible by four, too! (or at least when it comes to icons)
Oh, yay! I'm usually terrible with text, too; I've been experimenting with it lately, so I'm glad it didn't come out completely worthless. & thaaaanks, god of coloring darling!

This is the first anime I've touched in literal years, so... does that mean it's good? I don't know. It's cute, though, and on youtube if you're ever interested. 'Cause I probably wouldn't have watched it if I had to pay money for it, haha...

niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee icons kuouya -sama and club arigatoooo very excelent
Thank you very much!
Kyouya + Jason Mraz = L0VE! So pretty. *yoink*
Haha, that is absolutely true. The two of them together make up the highest form of love.

Thank you!
So, I forgot that I had an icon journal too. I should be more un-neglectful.

You are still my icon-making-hero you know ♥
Haha, it happens. It's okay, it's probably better to have a life, anyway.

Awww, thanks. ♥xamillion
Nyao~. Taking 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 14. <3 Wunderbar.
Thank you! ♥
woah.15 is damn cool.snatching that!AND crediting =D
Haha, thank you!
Hah, 12 is the best. D:
Haha, thanks.
Cool Icons! Stealing 12 and 14!
Thank you very much. :D
Ok, wasn't planning on snagging any but 14 just begged to be taken :D
Taking and crediting, thanks!
Haha, well I'm glad I could change your mind. Thank you!
Grabbing #4 and #5 for later use! Great job. :D
Thank you!
Snagged a bunch! Will credit if used ^_^
They look awesome! ♥
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